theliquidateher Technical Support Information

If you experience problems implementing any of theliquidateher's products, you may call our tech support line for assistance. Before doing so, please check the
FAQs above. If you still need help and have read all product documentation, please have the following information available:

1. The type of computer you are using.
2. The operating platform you are using (e.g. Macintosh 7.5.3, Macintosh OS x, Windows 98, Windows XP).
3. What you were doing just prior to the problem.
4. Any error messages that were displayed.
5. What you did to correct (or attempt to correct) the problem.

Tech support can be reached Monday through Friday, 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm PST by calling 541-431-0592. You may also E-Mail your tech support questions by using the form below:

If you need help finding your Ez-Architect key, click here.
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Note: We offer free support re: using our products. But we expect you to already know how to use a computer. For example, if we ask you to unzip a file and put the extracted files into a folder, we expect you to know how to do this. Additionally, we expect you to know how to copy and move files and folders in Windows Explorer. If you need help with any of this stuff, rather than asking us to be free tutors, please click here for lots of free, competant help.

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