3D Railroad Master for Mac.
3D Railroad Master for Mac.
3D Railroad Master™
Ride the Rails with the MASTER!
System Requirements: Mac OS 8 or higher. PowerMac 166mhz or higher (including iMac). 64MB RAM (59MB free RAM). 110MB hard disk space.
CD-ROM drive. 16-bit color monitor. Quicktime 3.0 or higher. Please note: This product runs in OS X only in Classic Mode
and requires OS-9 compatible print drivers. More Info.

We're so sorry, 3D Railroad Master
WILL NOT INSTALL on some of the newer Macintosh operating systems. In certain versions of Macintosh OS X, where OS 9 is no longer part of the system, the install program will not work and you won't be able to install the program. If your operating system is an early version of OS X or a prior MAC OS, 3-D Railroad Master will install correctly. When you call to order, we will help you determine if the program will work. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note: The demo will run successfully on your Macintosh since it utilizes a drag and drop installation, even though the full versioin of the program will not.  Call us and we'll figure out whether your system will run the full version.

3D Railroad Master™ puts you in the engineer's seat as you roll along on the predesigned layouts of varying difficulty. You have total control of the trains, first selecting from the wide variety of rolling stock to build trains up to 100 cars long. You can arrange custom trains by coupling and uncoupling cars in any order you choose. After setting up your custom trains, you are ready to begin specifying the game options. Use or edit the predefined pick-up and delivery schedules. If you delight in difficult situations and close calls, you can choose to control up to four trains on a layout. For the die-hard railroad enthusiast who enjoys a real challenge, import your own custom layouts from 3D Railroad Concept & Design™, including all 3D objects, grades and elevations.
Once the game options are set, you will find yourself in the cab of either a diesel or a futuristic cab, where you have to manipulate all the realistic controls to make sure each train follows correct railroad procedure. Speed, braking, switches, whistle-blowing and train direction are just a few of the tasks you will have to keep an eye on as you pick up and deliver cargo to its destination. If there are multiple trains on one layout, you will have to simultaneously control all trains by switching between cabs. You will need to watch out for livestock, pedestrians, vehicles and other animated objects as you travel through this beautiful 3D world. Plus a convenient radar tracking screen allows you to see the 'big picture' as you ride the rails! You can watch from outside the cab via a helicopter view, placing cameras, or using the walk-through mode.
Apart from just making sure each train efficiently travels the track, you also have to keep track of your pick-up and delivery schedule, making sure the correct cargo reaches its destination on time. A revenue tracking system will keep track of points. Crashes, derailments and the failure to follow correct railroad procedure will cost game winning points. A tally of points will be shown once the game is complete, or time runs out. This train simulation game supports real-time movement, outstanding 3D graphics, life-like controls and realistic operations. Train enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy playing this wonderful family oriented game.
3D Railroad Master for Mac.
3D Railroad Master for Mac.
3D Railroad Master for Mac.
3D Railroad Master for Mac.
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3D Railroad Master™
mac, 3d railroad master

Macintosh products (both physical and downloaded) work only in Classic Mode. They will not operate on a Macintosh computer that only has the OS X operating system. You need OS 9 running on your computer to operate our programs.

Please also note: we do not refund "returns" for downloaded products because of OS errors on your part. In Fact, ALL SALES ON DOWNLOADABLE VERSIONS ARE FINAL!

Our 30-day money back guarantee only applies to CD versions of our programs. If you are not sure about a product, we suggest that you first download the demo version before ordering the on-line version. Once an unlock code has been acquired, we cannot issue a refund.

Please Review the MAC OS page for more information on what you can do in order to run our programs.

3D Railroad Master™

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