home design software, Mac OS X Home Design Software, Symbol Libraries
Mac OS X Home Design Software, Symbol Libraries
home design software, Mac OS X Home Design Software, Symbol Libraries
home design software, Mac OS X Home Design Software, Symbol Libraries
Mac OS X Home Design Software, Symbol Libraries
Symbol Libraries

How to Use Symbol Libraries

These libraries include sets of graphic images ready for use in MacDraft® and MacDraft®PE drawings and provide you with many of the elements you need to quickly and easily complete or embellish your drawings. You will also be able to easily create your own libraries.

The libraries contain file types to be read by either Librarian or Media Assistant (Media Assistant Lite). Librarian is included with MacDraft 4.3. Media Assistant is for version 5.x.

Each library has been professionally drawn, using vectors rather than bitmaps, providing you with the highest possible quality for printing and sizing.

Symbol Library 5 also contains JPG and PICT files that you can place in your plans.

Since Media Assistant is the current library tool, this information will focus on that application.

Media Assistant

Adding library items to drawings is as simple as dragging and dropping them from the library into the MacDraft document. Creating your own library is equally as simple: drag and drop your object into your library (or copy and paste it). You can create custom objects and then use them in many different drawings. You can create totally new objects or modify existing library objects by rotating, flipping, or resizing. You can ungroup objects and modify different parts, then regroup.

With Media Assistant you can create an unlimited number of custom libraries, each of which can hold hundreds of items. Custom libraries can contain existing symbols, objects files you have drawn, and anything else you might put in your MacDraft window.

When you're ready to use the libraries, open the Media Assistant along with MacDraft.

Once you've assembled your library, extensive sorting, searching and viewing options help you organize the data to ensure that it is instantly accessible. Items can then be dragged from catalogs to your preferred applications, or slide shows can be created within Microspot Media Assistant Lite, or graphic data can be exported to create QuickTime® movies or HTML documents for distribution.


The Media Assistant enables you to easily drag and drop files into MacDraft by simply having the Media Assistant and MacDraft windows open next to each other. Click the object in the Media Assistant Library and its background will turn gray. Drag the selected object into your MacDraft window. Occasionally, depending on your drawing scale, your library object may appear very small or very large. You may even find that it's too big to fit your drawing. You can change the scale to accommodate the object or find the handles and drag to fit your drawing. And if needed, use the zoom function to zoom in and out to properly see the object. You can have many Media Assistant libraries open at the same time. Be sure to try the different view options (icons, thumbnails, with item information) in Media Assistant to find the one that works best for you.

If the object comes in and it looks too light and you wish to emphasize its lines, use the Line tool to increase the thickness of the line, and if you wish to change the color, use the Pen Color tool to change the line color. Occasionally you may want to group or ungroup the object to modify it.