Train Engineer Deluxe
from: Model Railroad News, Dec. 1996

"This software lets you design your own layout, import layouts from another theliquidateher product Design Your Own Railroad, or choose from dozens of pre-designed layouts. You can then schedule and deliver cargo at industries on the layout, and operate up to eight trains with authentic cab controls shown from the engineers point of view. . . . The manual is easy to understand and has a tutorial chapter. . . . The magic began when I ran the train. Viewing from the cab simulation, I was able to start and stop the train, change direction and speed, throw switches, ring the bell, blow the horn or whistle, and view the schedule. A Radar screen gave me an overview of where my train was on the layout. I was amazed at the degree of realism in the scenery and sound effects as the layout came to life . . . Model railroaders will benefit from the testing of layout design, the printing of schematic designs, and the creation of schedules which can be printed out and used on their model railroads."

Model Railroading, Nov. 1996

" . . . there are actually two parts to Train Engineer Deluxe—creating the layout and a schedule, and then running your train in the game phase."