from:, 9-28-1998

". . . Mighty Draw has many purposes for which it can be used. You can make greeting cards, draw charts [graphs, bar charts, pie charts, other business charts], or other things. Mighty Draw has a handful of drawing tools that make it simple to create nice looking output. Mighty Draw is a general purpose drawing program."

PCM, August 1993

"If you like drawing and working with anything else graphical, this program is for you. Mighty Draw lets you make elaborate charts, graphs, diagrams, flyers, map, newsletters and greeting cards. The program is perfect for businesspeople as well as high school and college students trying to boost grades on reports—or for clubs leaders who want to drum up interest in an event with a flyer. . . . The feature I most enjoyed was the ability to browse through the library of hundreds of predrawn symbols . . .Mighty Draw is worth every penny you pay for it.
Mighty Draw