Design Your Own Home Suite
from:, 9-28-1998

"Design Your Own Home Suite is a complete package that includes Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Mighty Draw, and Design Estimator. Architecture is a nice program that will make exterior drawings and [floor plans]. . . . If you are interested in designing interiors of houses or other buildings, this program [Interiors] may be for you. . . . Like Interiors, Landscape also provides five views—the overview, north, south, east and west views. Landscape is a neat program . . . .  it does make nice designs. . . . Mighty Draw has many purposes for which it can be used. You can make greeting cards, draw charts [graphs, bar charts, pie charts, other business charts], or other things. Mighty Draw has a handful of drawing tools that make it simple to create nice looking output. Mighty Draw is a general purpose drawing program. Design Estimator is there to help you help you place a final bid on [building construction plans]. If you finished [designing] your house, you can . . . put a price on it."

California Computer News, Sept. 1995

" . . . a flexible tool [Interiors] for users to create their own interior designs. . . . theliquidateher also offers equally simple architectural and landscape programs. . . . I discovered that anyone can create their own designs with these programs. I can't recommend them enough if you're planning to remodel. . . . you can't go wrong."

Rocky Mountain News, Apr. 1994

"The Design Your Own Home Interiors software can help weekend designers sketch out plans."

Country Interiors, March 1994

"I like the ability to draw from the top in 2D, then expand it into 3D side views. I also like the ability to create your own objects. . . . It's great [Design Your Own Home Interiors] for people who can't visualize in their head what the furniture will look like—this is a nice way to give them a picture of different arrangements."

Leather Furniture, March 1994

"I like it [Design Your Own Home Interiors] a lot—it's easy to use. I like all of the colors, patterns, textures, and the libraries of furniture objects."

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