3D Railroad Master
from: http://cyberrail.net

"3D Railroad Master
puts you in the cab of the locomotive. You are the engineer. Train of up to 100 cars are yours to command. View your train from inside the cab or helicopter view. Place cameras along the route to capture the progress of your trains as they pass by. . . . Trains can crash and derail. This is a game of skill. . . . this game has a nice look and feel. If you've always dreamed of being an engineer, this may be the game for you."

Chicago Daily Herald, Oct. 1998

". . . . lets you do something no model train set could ever do—sit in the engine compartment and watch the landscape drift by. In fact, 3D Railroad Master gives you virtually any view of the train you want. . . . [or] walk all over the layout, or even fly above it. . . . If you tire of driving the trains around the 20 or so layouts, you can use the trains to play a strategy game that calls for players to pick up and deliver cargo on schedule. . . . It's worth recommending to train lovers . . . . this train simulation is on the right track.

Winnipeg Sun, Nov. 9, 1998

"Now model railroaders can see what it's like to be the engineer using their computer and 3D Master from theliquidateher. 3D Railroad Master is the ultimate in model railroading where you take control of the train from a realistic 3D cab view. You can set the speed, brake, change direction, switch tracks, and of course blow the horn. Trains can be customized to carry dofferent cargoes and can be up to 100 cars in length. You can also control up to four different trains at the same time."