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Use the form below only if you ordered since last Monday. If you did not order since last Monday, this form will not work. If you ordered prior to last Monday, you may fill out this form to get your key.

PLEASE DO NOT use this form if your key isnít working.

Your key will only work with the Ez-Architect version that you purchased it for. It will not work with any other version.

If your key starts with:it will only work with:
738Version 4
962Version 5
189Version 6
139Version 7
234Version 8
225Version 9

If you have a key that isnít working and you donít have your original downloaded file, we invite you to upgrade to the most current version, here: Upgrade.

Continue filling in this form if you ordered between Monday and Sunday of the current calendar week. If you ordered any other time, use this form:

Ez-Architect Key Retrieval Request.

Otherwise . . .

I have been unable to find my Ez-Architect key.
Please re-send the key you sent.
Here is what I know:

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