Purchasing Additional Copies after Original Purchase

If you do decide to send us $2 or $4 in the form of cash money, please print the following form and include it with your green rectangles. U.S. Dollars cash is the only remuneration we will accept for this generous offer. So donít send any other type of currency. No Refunds!

Fill out and then print the form below and send it with your 2 or 4 bucks wrapped in paper inside an opaque envelope. We are not responsible for lost cash due to careless wrapping.

The key(s) will be emailed to the email address from which you made the original purchase as long as everything matches. If the name and email and key donít match the original order, no additional keys will be sent.

Send to: MCS Investments, Inc., Extra Keys, PO Box 23333, Eugene, OR, 97402.

All fields required or no keys will be sent
Full Name:
Ez-Architecture 9 Key:
What email address did you use when you ordered? If you're not sure, you may enter more than one email address. Separate them with commas, please.

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